How to Measure for a Radiator Cover

Thinking about covering that radiator? Wondering how on earth do you even start to measure for it?

Here’s our simple guide to measuring your own radiator cover:

In order to ensure the radiator cover will fit correctly and to avoid any possible delay with fitting, we ask you to follow our measuring instructions in the image below carefully.

This ensures your bespoke radiator cover will fit correctly and that there are no obstacles that we may need to consider, e.g. a window above the radiator or close to a door frame for example.

We ask you to upload a photo of your radiator to make sure you get the perfect fit.

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The 3 measurements needed for each radiator are detailed below:

  1. *Width > Valve to Valve
  2. *Height > Floor to Top
  3. *Depth > Wall to Front

Once you have your measurements simply send us a WhatsApp with your design preferences on 085 2445161. We’re ready for your call/message.

FYI: We deliver nationwide!